2017 Ford Torino

2017 Ford Torino – Rumor or Not!

This article is based on rumors and predictions on web!
After the Taurus has been discontinued Ford no longer had a full-size offering on the US market. The car did receive a successor, but the new Taurus is only available in China, and it seems that this will not change anytime soon. To fill the gap in the US market, it seems that they might go for an entirely different car. This would be the rumored 2017 Ford Torino, a name which has been missing from the market for more than four decades at this point. The details are still unclear so far, but it seems that the car will be something more than just a full-size family sedan. Ford expressed their desire to offer more premium cars, and the Torino would be the first from their new lineup.

In detail

The car would compete with cars like the Audi A6 and the Mercedes E-Class, so it will have to be smooth, luxurious and powerful. Also, while Ford’s CD4 platform would be fine, they might go for something a bit more interesting. Rumors suggest that Ford will use their rear wheel drive Mustang chassis which will be modified in order to accommodate the larger body of the Torino. It is also worth mentioning that this will not be offered just a sedan.

A two door coupe is also expected. This will be slotted above the Mustang as an executive two-door coupe. The price, while unofficial so far, will likely start at over $40,000 with some of its models going north of $75,000 to $80,000.

2017 Ford Torino

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2017 Ford Torino

The most important part of the 2017 Ford Torino is definitely going to be its cabin. Like with most of its rivals, the car will have to provide a premium experience no matter the what version the buyer will choose. So far Ford hasn’t really been able to offer this experience on any of their models. Some feel a bit too cheap while others lack in fit and finish. The Torino should solve most of these issues while also offering a great driving experience. Both the sedan and the coupe will likely be able to offer room for up to five people who are also the average of its class.

The design

The original car looked like a classier Mustang, and this might be true for the new model as well. Even though it still is very early to say too much about how it will look, we are quite sure that the Torino will borrow extensively from the Mustang with its edgy design. On top of that, the car should also feature some design cues from the original which will further elevate its design.

The result should be a rather muscular sedan, or coupe, with a sloping roof, long hood and a coupe-like appearance that should make the Torino stand out from a crowd.

2017 Ford Torino

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Under the hood

Unlike most of Ford’s passenger’s cars, the 2017 Ford Torino is actually expected to use a rear wheel drive design. This will allow them to use a lot more engines than Lincoln can use with their CD4 for example. The base car might receive a 2.3 liter turbocharged inline four which is known to make over 300 horsepower in current applications. The mid-range models will likely make use of Ford’s EcoBoost V6 engines.

These currently offer between 325 and as much as 400 horsepower in some applications. A top end model is also expected to hit the market after release. This would use a 3.5 liter V6 with over 500 horsepower and rear wheel drive which will directly compete with the M5 or RS6. All engines will likely be offered just with Ford’s upcoming ten-speed automatic.

Article Source: Carsoid.com


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