How Expensive Is It to Maintain a Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes has always been the exclusive carmaker that every other manufacturer tries to catch up to in technology, performance, and engineering. There’s no denying it, the German brand has produced some of the most memorable cars that have graced public roads in its well over 100 years of existence. Unfortunately, for several obvious reasons, Mercedes cars also tend to be significantly more expensive to maintain than most. Consequently, the best way to keep ownership costs as low as possible, no matter the model you have, is to do a handful of the work yourself with the help of a Mercedes repair guide. Still, if you regularly ride on dusty and dirty roads, or if you live in a harsh climate, you may need to perform oil and filter changes more frequently. When in doubt, make sure to check in a Mercedes-Benz shop manual like those sold by eManualOnline, you’ll find everything you need about “severe driving” service intervals and what it means for you.

It’s important to keep in mind that luxurious vehicles demand constant care from their owners so that they can live up to the reputation that precedes them. Mercedes has one of the most expensive upkeep costs, coming in second place only behind BMW. And not to mention that the expertise required to work on German luxury cars also often result in a higher labor rate.

Luckily, a Mercedes-Benz repair manual will help you lower maintenance costs by cutting off the repairman in the middle. Of course, you’ll have to get your hands a little dirty here, but look at the bright side; you’ll save a ton of money doing things on your own.

General upkeep cost


Regular maintenance is a given, no matter which vehicle you’re driving. The scheduled services for Mercedes cars are after 10,000 miles or one year, whichever comes first. The annual maintenance of automobiles can cost around 900-1000$, depending on the mechanic fixing it up. Still, if you regularly ride on dusty and dirty roads, or if you live in a harsh climate, you may need to perform oil and filter changes more frequently.

Under normal driving conditions, there are two different maintenance services on a Mercedes-Benz. Service A comes every 10,000 miles or one year, while Service B comes every 20,000 miles or after two years of driving. The latter includes everything from Service A but adds some additional items.

The first service A starts from 250$ and goes above depending on any other essential repairs. It includes oil changes, air filter changes, fluid corrections, tire rotation, wheel alignment, and the works.

Service B costs more towards the 600$ range and includes everything from Service A plus a synthetic motor oil replacement, oil filter replacement, combination filter replacement, brake component inspection, brake fluid exchange, tire inflation check, all fluid level checks, and corrections, and maintenance counter reset.

Of course, a Mercedes shop manual in .pdf format also contains everything you need to know for proper maintenance of the car. It not only has all the necessary part numbers but also a step-by-step guide of the process—literally, everything included in both services are clearly described there. And just changing your oil once by yourself, you’ll already have saved a lot more than the cost of the manual itself.

Nothing in these services is that hard to do once you can follow the right procedures!

Cost according to models


Depending on the model, more aspects of the service will be included as well. For higher-end models such as the S-Class, the cost of repairs is even worse.

The average C350 has an annual repair cost of around 700$. When you jump to the E350, it’s more in the upper bracket of the 700$ mark. And the S550 will set you back about 1300$ every year just to keep it in top condition—assuming you go to the repair shop, that is.

More features, higher power, and much more advanced technology mean much more maintenance and potential electric-system-related issues (and those are the costliest ones). However, using a Mercedes-Benz auto repair manual, you can avoid paying for the super-expensive labor costs and sometimes even do some of the diagnostic processes.

Every repair manual contains a section with all the wiring diagrams and troubleshooting charts you need to identify and fix any electrical problem. In fact, these are the exact same procedures that the pros are also using—you simply can’t go wrong here.

Comparison of cost to other companies


It’s important to mention that Mercedes vehicles aren’t the absolute worst here. Ok, Lexus has an average repair cost of over $500 for most of its models, but Infiniti goes well above $600 while BMW and Audi average around the $1000 mark. Put simply, even though Mercedes has high upkeep for its cars, it’s certainly not on the top of the list. And considering the resale value of its models, it is much more manageable than other brands.

Last Words

All in all, the expenses of upkeeping Mercedes vehicles sure are high but not nearly as expensive as other high-end brands. After all, it only makes sense; the advanced technologies, better features, higher power, and premium components come at a price. Let’s just say that Mercedes’ repairs are well suited for the price they go for. Of course, we won’t lie; a lot of technical expertise is sometimes needed to handle specific repairs. On the other hand, we’re not suggesting you start swapping your engine tomorrow. Still, most of the maintenance work can easily be done at home, with a trusty Mercedes repair guide by your side. Not only will it significantly lower regular maintenance costs but it will also prevent wear on expensive internal components and reduce the risk of running into even bigger problems in the long run.

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