How Do Online Vehicle Registration Services Work in the US?

If you live in the U.S. and you need to get your vehicle registered you have to know your options. Nowadays, you don’t have to go out of your home to get this done, and you can do pretty much most of your tasks from the comfort of your home and online. Drivers in the United States are required to register their cars with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The requirements for registering your vehicle will vary depending on the state in which you live. Want to know more about it? Keep on reading and find your answers down below.

What does the registration process look like?


You must register a vehicle you own or operate with your state’s DMV or transportation agency. There are different ways how you can buy a car, meaning that there are different items that you will be needing to complete the process. For instance, if you buy your car through a dealership, the registration is done for you by the people who work there. However, buying online or from a private seller means having to do the process on your own and within your state.

The first time you register your car, you’ll receive a license plate for your vehicle and a registration card. It is crucial to follow the regulations that are specific to your state. Once everything is done properly you’ll receive a new sticker.

What you will be needing for your car registration?


When and how often you will need to renew the registration for your car will depend on the state you live in. Different states = different regulations and rules. However, some common rules are:

  • You have to renew your registration for each new vehicle you purchase
  • When you change address and place of living you have to renew it (unless you are in the military or a full-time student temporarily moving away for school)
  • When a vehicle is first registered in your name

PS: It is always a good idea to do a bit of research or ask around your family & friends before you begin the registration process. New rules and regulations could be in place by the time you read this.

How to register your car online + what do you need?


Some online services will allow you to complete the entire registration process online, and the process itself doesn’t have to be too hard or time-consuming. In fact, you don’t have to go out and waste hours of time waiting in line. Even once you are done with the process you will be mailed the plates and registration! So, find, scan, and upload the following documents while doing these steps:

  • Prepare anything that proves that you are now the car’s rightful owner, such as documents related to the purchase
  • Fill out the online portal of your chosen website
  • Always check the application form and its required documents
  • Have paperwork indicating the vehicle passed the smog or emission test
  • Proof of your current car insurance
  • Prepare your card or payment method and submit it to your chosen site

What are the fees like?

This will vary from one state to the other. Let’s not forget that all vehicles have specifications that will dictate their pricing. Every state will take a close look at the car and its market value, along with its engine and fuel efficiency. They will do the math based on the weight and age of the car. In the end, prices can vary by hundreds of dollars. This is why you have to do your research, it is not a one answer fits all type of situation.

PS: Make sure that you renew your registration every year to avoid any fees or penalties.

FAQ about cars & their registration


Q1: Can you register your vehicle if you don’t have a driver’s license?

A: The truth is that you can buy and register a car in your name. You can register your car and have it prepped for you till you renew or pass your license. A ton of people often have cars, insurance policies, and caregivers who can drive the car for them, allowing them to move smoothly from one location to the other without worrying about taxis or public transportation.

Q2: How much does it cost to register your vehicle?

As previously mentioned, prices will vary. Some states charge a flat fee, while others base their fees on a ton of different factors. For instance, if you’re lucky enough you can pay only $8 for your registration, and up to $300 (this is if the vehicle is under 4 years old). Some cars are harder to import and register than others, so heads up before you begin this process.

Q3: Can you transfer the registration to your new car?

People who tend to buy new vehicles frequently will benefit a lot from passing and transferring their registration from one vehicle to the other. So, if you buy a different vehicle, you can generally transfer your registration and license plates from your old car to the new one. This is helpful since it saves you a lot of time (and money), as you don’t have to pay for new registrations each time.

How and where to register your vehicle online?

If you want to enjoy a fast, swift, and smooth renewal and you’re looking for a secure way how to do your registration, make sure to check out They provide an easy alternative to visiting the Department of Motor Vehicles in the state that you live in. No more reason to travel, spend gas, or money on your transportation when you can do everything online and with their help! Users of the portal can quickly renew registrations using any device such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC. Enjoy their help and a team of professionals who will answer all the questions and help you sort this out in no time.

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