Shipping a Luxury Car – Step by Step Plan for 2024

There are several options if you decide to take your precious wheels with you when you move out. You can transport your luxury car in your 20-foot or 40-foot container with your home items or send it separately on a carrier.

The good news for the real Chitty Chitty Bang Bangs is that if you have a valuable luxury car, you can still ship it abroad. Although in this case, your delivery options are more limited.

According to the USAToday, more and more people choose to deliver a car by professionals. And that’s easy to explain: in most cases professional transportation is safer and more cost-effective compared to driving it.

There are two fundamental types of car delivery services: door-to-door transportation and terminal-to-terminal transportation.

The first option is more expensive but saves you a lot of trouble. Ensure you have the money and time to arrange transport between addresses and container ports at both ends if you choose to transport it from terminal to terminal.

How Much Does It Usually Cost To Ship A Luxury Car?


Shipping a luxury car is more expensive if you choose higher protection with a closed trailer. The higher cost of an enclosed trailer is due to two main reasons – availability of a truck and insurance.

To transport a closed trailer to transport classic and luxury cars, they must have insurance often up to one million dollars.

The cost of transporting a vehicle depends on several major factors. It is in your interest that they understand so that you know the real price of shipping a luxury car. The cost is often based on distance, location, the model of it, and the type of carrier. Shipping it to Alaska from some southern state surely would cost more than moving it to the nearby city.

Also, whether the car works or not, and the supply and demand. The decisive factor is the current supply and demand. So when you ask yourself how much it costs to deliver a luxury car, keep in mind that this is what ultimately determines the final price.

When it comes to moving a car, you have two main options – one is to hire a company, and the other is to book a “drive-away” service.

When delivering a luxury or vintage car, however, hiring a motor company is the standard. Working with a professional transport company is what enterprises and individuals from all over the country prefer.

Auctions and car dealerships often hire trucking companies to transport their cars. Private clients also prefer this option.

What Options Does A Luxury Car Shipping Company Offer?

Most carriers have the experience, equipment, and proper insurance for the cross country vehicle transport. Even when it is about classic or luxury car shipment.

When transporting a luxury car, a shipping company usually offers an open or closed carrier, door-to-door service, top-loading service, express service, and sometimes a single car carrier.

Land Transportation


There are several vehicle types used for ground sections of your vehicle’s track if you do not load your vehicle into a container along with furniture and other household items:

● Closed or open.
● Multicarrier or pickup trucks
● Rolling trailers
● Multi-level road carriers

The decision that the conveyor chooses depends on the specific size and needs of your vehicle, e.g., ground clearance. Your transportation agent will usually give you advice and options for transportation if you choose inclusive, door-to-door.

If you are transporting a particularly expensive, luxury or classic car, then a closed single level trailer is certainly the safest option and will prevent oil leakage from the cars on the upper decks.

Closed trucks also provide greater protection against elements. To avoid scratches on the body, you should also look for a carrier with soft ties on its trucks and trailers.

If you are transporting a luxury SUV or larger vehicle, you may be charged extra if your vehicle has additional accessories such as spoilers. If you can remove and store them before transportation, it is safer and can save you extra fees.

Air Or Ocean Freight?


The fastest way to deliver your car, both internationally and domestically, is undoubtedly by air.

Although it is much more expensive, it is a very exclusive delivery option that can be attractive.

Shipping by sea is the most common way to transport your vehicles abroad, either by coil transport or by container transport.

The first method involves driving or renting a car on a ship before securing it under the deck for a journey that usually takes several weeks, depending on the distance.

Transportation in a container is usually safer, especially for more valuable or fragile vehicles, as the vehicle is more adequately protected from elements, other vehicles that can potentially move, and from climate and humidity changes.

Shipping By Container


If your car is transported in a secure container, it will be loaded at the port. If you transport it in a furniture container and load it from home, you should first build a protective plywood wall inside the container, although special shippers usually do this for you.

All alarm systems must be disconnected, as must the battery, and the vehicle must be drained from all fuel tanks to make it safe and suitable for transport.

The wheels should be locked with chocks or wooden blocks and then securely fastened. Again, many companies will usually do this for you as they have a general interest in your vehicle, making the journey safe and sound.

You should find out whether they can or will provide the service of loading your vehicle if you load from home since the container will not sit at ground level when you arrive at your property.

Otherwise, you will need to consider hiring an onboard platform from your local garage to safely get the vehicle into the container.

Preparing For Transportation


To adequately prepare your luxury car, you should thoroughly wash the vehicle and write down all its general condition, including any existing damaged areas. If you need any help or advice for this, you can always contact experts from You should also:

● Take photographs to document all this in case of an accident and file a claim later.
● Take all things out of the car, as they will not be insured. Also, don’t forget to take all the documents out of the glove compartment!
● Carry out general maintenance – check battery and tire pressure as well as antifreeze levels.
● Remove the radio antenna and ensure that no more than half the fuel tank is on board the vehicle.
● Vehicles carried in a container, however, must be drained with the batteries disconnected.
● Make sure the carrier’s insurance covers stereo systems, GPS, and other electronic devices. If not, remove them before shipping
● Ensure they know about any quirks of your classic or luxury car.
● Turn off the alarm and immobilizer if possible.

What Is Important When Shipping A Luxury Car?


To transport luxury cars, a shipping company must use the most modern closed carriers, whether for a car dealership or private collectors of luxury cars that require delivery.

Here’s what else you should expect when you hire a good transport dealer to move your luxury car:

● According to the moving company, fully enclosed vehicles can effectively protect the luxury car “from the outside world”
● A reputable company with many years of experience and good references.
● Sliding Vehicles
● Air suspension
● GPS order tracking
● Excellent customer service
● Insurance cover is included in every offer
● Wide coverage of shipping through the country or abroad
● Door-to-door delivery (optional)
● Search for rates and discounts for first-time shippers

To Sum Up

Most owners and dealers of luxury cars will agree that it is a well-preserved, highly revered car with a steady, timeless appeal. Although driving it can be fun, most owners will also agree that transporting such cars around the world requires skilled handling and care. That is why professional services are needed.

With the right company on board and with some planning on your part, taking your luxury car with you when you move around is not necessarily an impossible task, with this step-by-step plan. Good luck and happy driving!

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