Top 6 Lincoln Cars to Live the American Dream

Do you remember the time when Lincoln was a leading luxury automobile manufacturer? Lincoln, a Ford Motors affiliate, may no longer be at the top of the luxury vehicle game. However, it still has a reputation for building state-of-art cars with impressive and luxurious features.

Henry Leland founded the Lincoln Motor Company in 1917 that, in 1922, it became a subsidiary of Ford Motors. The automaker didn’t construct only classic cars throughout the time, but it also brought multiple innovations in the industry. In its years of existence, it built countless luxurious models, but only some of them earned the public’s appreciation and made a name for themselves.

Since the ’40s, Lincoln vehicles were the expression of luxury vehicles, with the introduction of Lincoln Continental in 1939. Despite the changes the automaker experienced over the years, the various acquisitions and mergers remain a trusted brand when people are looking for luxury cars. Here is a list of the finest models ever made. Are you ready to live your American dream?

1. 2016 Lincoln MKS


If you noticed a resemblance between the Lincoln MKS and the Ford Taurus, you weren’t wrong because MKS is based on Taurus. Some would say this vehicle is an anonymous appearance on the roads, but once you get behind the wheel, you understand it’s more than a stylish model. It comes with a 112.9-inch wheelbase, enough adult space for three passengers to sit in the back comfortably, and a huge trunk to hold all passengers’ luggage for a two-day trip.

For the ones who want to purchase this car, Lincoln provides two engine options. You can pick from a standard version with a V6 front-wheel-drive that generates 304hp and an all-wheel-drive model with an Eco Boost V6 turbocharged engine produces 365hp.

2. 2019 Lincoln MKT


Because Ford Motors acquired Lincoln, their vehicles share many features. Lincoln MKT shares the platform with Ford Flex, both being some of the roomiest and comfortable cars available on the market at present. If it were to compare it with its MKS sibling, the MKT is more luxurious and offers more modern features. The 2016 model had a V6 twin-turbo engine that produced 365hp and 6-speed automatic transmission, all on an all-wheel-drive platform.

The 2019 Lincoln MKT comes with great acceleration, that takes you from zero to 60 mph in 6 seconds. It also features a three-mode adjustable suspension that enhances the quality of the drive and improves the vehicle’s handling. The ones who purchased it were surprised to receive a car with heated seats. It also marvels with a panoramic sunroof, an 8-inch infotainment system, and safety measures that include automated emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, and blind-spot monitoring. All these features enhance the safety levels and make it one of the most reliable vehicles on the market.

3. 2024 Lincoln Continental


We mentioned earlier that Lincoln drew the public attention with a model called Lincoln Continental that delivered exquisite luxurious features for the time. The 2024 model is a modern version of the classic car that was part of the American dream.

Many called it the quintessential American land yacht because it came with all the bells and whistles. The latest model, Lincoln launched, has upscale designs and spacious interiors that enhance the quality of the drive. The 2024 Continental had three engine styles drivers can choose from when they purchase it.

The high-spec model has a 3L turbocharged engine that generated 400hp. The impeccable acceleration brings Lincoln Continental extra points. Some people say that the model is too pricey for a car that shares some pieces with average Ford and Lincoln products. Before purchasing it, it’s best to know that Lincoln Continental is fuel-hungry.

4. 2024 Lincoln Corsair


Lincoln representatives call this model the brand’s project child because when they designed it, they intended to craft a vehicle that would bring back the prestige the automaker once had. The car experts from expect the Lincoln Corsair to replace the MKC for the 2024 model year. With its top-notch features, this car rivals even famous models like Mercedes Benz GLS, Audi Q5, and BMW X3. The automaker provides two options; buyers can pick from, a two turbocharged 4-cylinder engine with a 2L 250hp and a 2.3L 4-cylinder model. Both variants feature an 8-speed automatic transmission.

Presuming you prefer a smaller engine model, you can choose from an all-wheel or front-wheel drive system. Lincoln created the Corsair to have an SUV look, so the cabin is impressive on the interior with leather trims and a myriad of tech enhancements.

5. 2024 Lincoln Nautilus


This model is unique in the Lincoln garage because it features the traditional Lincoln line-up with distinct American touches. It’s easy to notice the sedan styling Lincoln vehicles had a few decades ago. The ones purchasing Nautilus should expect a car that provides them with a plush experience, spacious interior, and features that satisfy even the pickiest driver. The Lincoln Nautilus is perfect for both city trips and off-road adventures.

Nautilus has a 2L 4-cylinder engine that generates 250hp. It also comes with 8-speed automatic transmission. The all-wheel model goes from zero to 60mph in 7 seconds. Its characteristics and functionality are impressive when compared with its competitors.

6. 2024 Lincoln Aviator


The Aviator is redesigned, and all its new features show Lincoln’s struggles to launch a model that restores the vanguard of American luxury the brand once provided. You can notice it borrowed some characteristics from its siblings Navigator and Continental, but it also has its own features that make it unique. Aviator has a 3L V-6 twin-turbo engine that produces 400hp, one of the most powerful engines you’ll find for a mid-size SUV. Such a monster engine could function only with high transmission, and Lincoln crafted it with a 10-speed automatic transmission.

You can find the Lincoln Aviator in six and eight-seater variants. Because it’s a luxurious vehicle, it also packs a 10.1-inch touchscreen and a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster. The car also has 28 speakers that upgrade the sound experience.

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