2018 Dodge Challenger spy photos

2018 Dodge Challenger – Spy Photos

Around for nearly a decade now, the Challenger can no longer compete with the latest Mustang or Camaro. However, this is about to change. Not that long ago a bit more solid information started to surface about the upcoming 2018 Dodge Challenger. It seems that this new model should be out in July 2018 and be ready for sale for the same year.

At this point it still is unclear if the car will keep its name but the latest news seem to point that it just might. So far there haven’t been any spy shots of a development vehicle. However, despite that it seems that development mules have been seen testing.

2018 Dodge Challenger

Source: carscoops.com

2018 Dodge Challenger Lighter & Smaller

The more interesting part is that these development mules were not using the Challenger body. Instead, these were using Maserati or Alfa Romeo sheet-metal. This points out at the fact that the 2018 model will be vastly different from what we currently know. The wheelbase, size and design are all going to be new. In fact, the new Challenger has been confirmed to be smaller than before. Despite that the wheelbase might get slightly longer. This rather interesting move should allow Dodge to offer a better driving car without compromising on interior space.

The 2018 Dodge Challenger is also going to use an entirely new platform. Despite what the early rumors about the car suggested, it will not be based on an Alfa platform. This is a bit unusual, especially since the rear wheel drive Giulia is one of the best driving sedans currently on the market.

However, we do understand Dodge’s decision. Even though they will offer a smaller and better to drive car, its chassis will still have to be manageable. Unlike the Alfa which is quite stiff and not as relaxed to drive, the new Challenger will have to be soft when it counts, on the highway. We do expect its chassis to be the perfect blend between actual cornering performance and comfort.

With the new chassis, the car will use an entirely new design, inside and out. Not much is available as of now. However, things are starting to get clearer with each passing day. For starters, the new Challenger should still use the same recipe as before, that of a true muscle car. However, this time around new proportions might be used. Many suggested that the car could receive a longer hood, similar to what the current Mustang has. This would be a return to the basics as the last Dodge to feature such a design was made quite a while ago.

2018 Dodge Challenger rendering

Source: carscoops.com

The Engine range

Unlike the ongoing model which uses quite large engines, the upcoming 2018 Dodge Challenger has been confirmed to move to the more efficient turbocharged powertrains. Not much else has been said about them so far though. However, it seems that thanks to the massive weight savings, the base car will get to use a 2 liter turbocharged inline 4 with around 270 horsepower and 300 lb-ft of torque. The old 3.6 liter V6 and larger 5.7 liter V8 are both going to be replaced by a twin-turbo V6. This will offer between 350 and 450 horsepower and as much as 450 lb-ft of torque depending on the application.

With this much power you would think Dodge wouldn’t bother with anything else. However, it seems that their larger Hemi engines will be replaced by a new twin-turbo V8. This would be developed from the Maserati 3.8 liter unit. However, unlike the Maserati, this engine would offer a lot more low-end torque as well as more power. Some even said that a compound-charging system using turbocharging and supercharging could be used. This would certainly exceed 700 horsepower which would make it one of the most powerful production cars on the market.

2018 Dodge Challenger spy photos

Source: motorauthority.com

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