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Don’t Ignore the Check Engine Light: 5 Common Mustang Problems

Any car enthusiast will tell you that a Mustang needs no introduction! With this brand being the longest-produced nameplate in the Ford company, this is a much venerated and all-American car.

Since its launch in 1964, it has become one of the most well-known of all the cars in the Ford brand, and it is truly one of the more classic models.

However, as is the way with most car brands, there are sometimes when it might get a bit, well, sticky! As mentioned before, it has been in circulation and on the roads for a long time, meaning it is more than likely to have a few technical issues that the owners need to know about.

So, this article will look at the five most common issues you may have with this car so you can be prepared for adding it to your collection. Enjoy!

It Might Leak

Mustang Engine Leak

Source: s197forum.com

OK, starting with a big one, the Ford Mustang has, historically, had a bit of a leak problem. Granted, in some models that had been fixed or were second-hand when bought the leak in the cabin part of the car was due to cheap finishing on the insulation around the door, the windowpane, and, in the convertible models, even the overhead area.

This could easily be fixed, however, by changing the insulation or re-aligning the panels to make sure they fit better.

There was another leak that was associated with the Ford Mustang that was a bit more concerning, and that was leaking under the bonnet. This involved a leak of hot oil from the transmitting tubes onto the hot engine.

You don’t need to be a mechanic to figure out that this could lead to a fire. If you suspect that this is happening in your Mustang due to odd odors or an issue with the engine, get to a mechanic and look for parts to repair the issue at lethalperformance.com.

Lastly, in the area of leaks is the water coolant system that is prone to leaking in certain models. This impairs how fast the car can go, but this is easily remedied by changing all tubing systems and their joints.

It Might Squeak!

A squeaky car is not one that many people are going to be happy with! However, a Mustang that has rigid suspension and chirping steering seems to be a common complaint from many Mustang owners. Indeed, many owners of this car state that they feel this the most when turning the car on a hard corner.

However, it has to be pointed out here that, from a mechanic’s perspective, a squeaky car can point to a missed repair. The squeak is created when the outer tie rod ends and the material has worn out and needs to be replaced. You may also experience other odd sounds due to worn-out struts, worn-out shocks, and suspension bushings.

These may only require lubricating, but they can also point to more permanent issues that may need the help of a mechanic to fix.

Transmission Problems

Transmission Problems on a Mustang

Source: thelemonfirm.com

OK, so when you are told there is an issue with your Mustang transmission, you may flinch. Rightly so, as it is often the most expensive issue to fix.

Nobody wants a car motor that stalls or is dead, but it is a sad reality that many Mustang owners are used to. The most common complaints seen on forums and reported to mechanics in the US are failed transmission performance during gear shifting, grind motions when reversing, and the awful sound of grinding during general transmission.

So, whether you are about to purchase a brand-new Mustang or a second-hand one, you should consider a full diagnostic process to be performed on the car before you buy it. As well as this, you will need to make sure that the car has regular maintenance and check-ups to prevent transmission issues.

If you have a choice in the car model you buy from the Mustang range to avoid transmission issues, some people will tell you to flat-out avoid the 2006-2007 model altogether.

Electrical Issues

If you have a first or second-generation Mustang, it’s worth noting that these models are more prone to these problems. However, it is an unfortunate reality that they are not alone in the Ford Mustang range for having electrical issues. Again, the 2000 models have these problems reported frequently, with the 2005-2006 models experiencing them the most.

Where do the electrical issues occur? Many owners of these cars say that it is focused on the performance gauges. They either don’t work or, more worryingly, they display false information.

There are some other things you may experience, too, such as problems with battery drainage, which can lead to issues starting the car. Then, you may have dimmed headlights or even issues with the check engine light. Luckily, the solution is simple and involves a replacement of the gauge motor.

For the headlight dimming, you can invest in a higher quality dimmer fuse, but, as always, make sure you have had the issue assessed and diagnosed by a mechanic before making any purchases of parts.

Engine Issues

open hood ford mustang

Source: redlinetuning.com

Earlier, a stalled or dead engine was mentioned, but here, the issues go a bit deeper, with some people reporting that the engine of a Mustang may even spark.

Even though the Mustang range is a classic one, there are many Mustang engine issues historically that were seemingly remedied, only to make a resurgence with the 2016-2017 range. So, sorry if you have one of those models!

The worst part is that even with a test drive or short-term ownership of the car, you may not be able to spot the problem, meaning that it is crucial to take the car in for checks regularly.

Of course, if there is a prevalent issue with your Mustang stalling or the engine not running as well as it did before, make sure you take it for an emergency check-up with a mechanic. If you have concerns about your engine smoking, don’t risk driving the car and have it towed to a mechanic for diagnostics.

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