Ford Bronco and Ford Ranger side view

2020 Ford Bronco – top 5 things and predictions

An all new 2020 Ford Bronco has been finally confirmed by Ford, but that is all we know at this point. Throughout the years there have been many rumors about the car but like with many other rumors, some will prove to be just that. Now that we are a couple of years from its release date things are finally starting to shape up. Let’s take a closer look at the upcoming 2024 Ford Bronco and at the top five things and predictions about it.

2020 Ford Bronco


2020 Ford Bronco – Top 5 things and Predictions

  1. For starters, it has been confirmed that the upcoming Bronco will share its platform with the new Ranger. The older models had their chassis based on, the larger F-150. This departure from the original will allow Ford to make a more compact, and hopefully better, SUV than otherwise. With this platform, it also means that the Bronco will be quite light and capable in off-road. However, there are still some unknown factors about the Bronco which are going to be revealed closer to its release date.
  2. A four-door version? So far Ford hasn’t said much about the design of the Bronco or about the numbers of doors it will feature. The original only had two doors, but this wouldn’t exactly work in today’s market. 70% of all the Jeep Wranglers sold have four doors. This means that if Ford wants to be competitive, then the Bronco will need to have four doors. A two-door model will likely be offered as standard with the four door being an option.
  3. Even though Ford hasn’t said much about the way the 2020 Ford Bronco will look, there are some interesting predictions about this. Many people suggested that the Bronco will feature a modern-classic look similar to what the Wrangler or the older FJ featured. It may feature a squared-off design with a lot of cues from the original. Ford doesn’t really have such a car in the US, but the Bronco might just fill in that role. Some even suggested that Ford may turn to the Raptor for inspiration. Expect a large FORD badge across the hatch-door and a really aggressive and go-anywhere look.
    Ford Bronco and Ford Ranger side view



  4. The truck the Bronco will be based on has a leaf-sprung rear axle and a fully independent front suspension system. However, it seems that the 2024 Ford Bronco will not feature this exact setup. There have been some reports saying that the Bronco might feature a solid front axle and coil springs all around the car. On top of that, its chassis will be strengthened considerably to the point Ford said that the Bronco would be overbuilt. This should allow it to take power and suspension upgrades with relative ease which will make it a great buy for anyone looking for an off-road machine.
  5. Ever since the rumors started people started wishing the Bronco would get removable doors and roof. Even though this hasn’t been confirmed, Ford is more than likely going to offer them at least as an option. This would also allow the Bronco to be superior to the Wrangler which will lose its removable windshield and doors for the upcoming model.



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