2017 Power Wagon Laramie

The first spy photos and rumors about new 2017 Power Wagon Laramie are coming. RAM showcased the all new Power Wagon back at the Chicago Auto Show in February, and it managed to steal the show regarding trucks. It is one of the most imposing trucks to ever hit the market and certainly the most impressive when it comes to a base manufacturer model.

However, RAM said back in February that the truck was going to receive three different trim levels which made many people wonder what these trim levels would be. Well, not that long ago thew has been spied, and it looks to be even more impressive than the base truck. It seems to be slightly more imposing and considering where all the camouflage has been applied; it is safe to assume that the truck is going to be RAM’s luxury top end version when it comes to their quarter-ton trucks range.

After the regular version was first released back in February, many auto journalists, as well as potential buyers, became quite interested in it. This is quite unusual, especially for a truck. However, the Power Wagon is not an all out speed machine like the Raptor. Instead, it is meant to be a usable platform for those looking to get comfort, looks, and usability. This made many people want one and with all the exterior updates RAM did, the Power Wagon became one of the most desirable models in their portfolio. Unfortunately, it still is missing from the market, and it looks like it will become available for sale in the upcoming months.

Design – Exterior and Interior

On top of that, it will also be tweaked in order to become a true off-road limousine like most other Laramie models are. As we said before, the camouflaged version seems to be heavily based on the new truck. However, instead of the really aggressive front end with the black bumper and grille, the Laramie seems to use all chrome elements.

The headlights are also vastly different with what it looks to be new LED daytime running lights as well as dual-xenon as standard. The mirrors, wheels, as well as the rear bumper, are all chrome on the spied model. These are very likely going to be carried over to the production version as well. There is still no word on the graphics that are going to be applied to the truck but considering the 2017 Power Wagon Laramie still is a true Power Wagon, it is safe to assume that it will carry on with the stickers. However, we really do hope that RAM will do a slightly better job with them, especially since this is going to be a luxury model.

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So far, the only real competitor for the upcoming Laramie Power Wagon would be the new Tundra Platinum, which would offer all the luxury features of the Laramie. However, the Tundra would not nearly be as well equipped for going off-road as the RAM and on top of that, it can’t match the power of its competitor. For also doesn’t really have a true competitor for it. The Raptor is the high-performance truck everyone wants but it is not nearly as refined as it should be. The larger and more expensive F250 models get to be quite impressive regarding features and luxury, but none of them is real all that capable in off-road.

Additional Features

In exchange, the new Laramie Power Wagon will offer pretty much anything its driver would need. It would be highly capable in off-road and very luxurious even though it may look a bit too childish. The running gear is likely going to be carried over completely from the truck released back in February. However, instead of the Bilstein shocks and rather stiff springs, the model might receive a similarly capable suspension but slightly softer.

This would make for a better truck to drive on the road without taking from the off-road capabilities. The wheels seem to be the same as on the regular version, just chromed. On top of that, the tires look to be the same off-road units, but the production model might receive a slightly different combination in order to better suit the character of the truck.

Interior – new details and gadgets!

One of the most important aspects of the 2017 Power Wagon Laramie is certainly going to be its interior which has to be very impressive in order to account for the price increase over the regular Power Wagon. Here we expect an all leather upholstery instead of the cloth one on the regular version. The seats are likely going to be upgraded as well to cooled and heated units with a massage system and all electric operation. The leather might be Nappa-leather, which would be far superior to any other RAM.

On top of that, the 9.4-inch infotainment system will be upgraded to RAM’s latest offering while the material on the dashboard and doors is going to be heavily upgraded.

Under the Hood

Unfortunately, the new Laramie is not going to be offered with a new engine. We really wanted to see a luxury truck with diesel. Instead, the Power Wagon Laramie will come with the same 6.4 liters naturally aspirated V8 petrol engine as the regular model. This will put out as much as 410 horsepower and 429 lb-ft of torque which may not seem all that high.

However, it will be enough to tow little over 10,000 pounds and thanks to its standard four-wheel drive system with electronic differentials and disconnect sway bar; it should be one of the most capable trucks in off-road. It will also be helped by its standard off-road tires and 12,000 pounds Warn winch which will be offered as standard.

2017 Power Wagon Laramie Release date

The 2017 Power Wagon Laramie, on the other hand, is likely going to be released in early 2017, most likely at the Chicago Auto Show, just like the base version of the truck. This would be a great move by RAM because it would give people plenty of time to buy this model or at least plan for the new one. Just like with the regular version, the new Laramie Power Wagon is expected to feature at least the same level of off-road capabilities.

Unfortunately, there are no official details about price.

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